Dragon Age 4 is the ‘definitive Dragon Age experience,’ producer says

Dragon Age 4 is the ‘definitive Dragon Age experience,’ producer says – TweakTown

Dragon Age 4 senior producer Fernando Melo just left the BioWare, but before went he gave a quick update on the game’s progression. Despite BioWare’s massive internal studio problems, Melo says Dragon Age 4 is ramping up to be the most ultimate medieval fantasy RPG to date.
BioWare is currently making a new Dragon Age game codenamed Morrison, and from the sounds of it the game will be incredibly ambitious. Now-departed producer Fernando Melo says DA4 will be the definitive project, and hints the game is in a good place development-wise. Melo decided to jump ship during the “least disruptive time,” which could mean Dragon Age 4 is farther along in development than we thought.
“With great game leadership in place, a fantastic creative vision, and some of the best devs in the world, Morrison is well underway to becoming the definitive Dragon Age experience–and I’m incredibly proud and honored to have played a part in that. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to experience the next Dragon Age as a fan this time around,” Melo said in an email.
We’ve been writing about Dragon Age 4 since 2016, and since then we’ve seen the project morph and grow considerably. First it was just a teased concept art book, then a possible RTS spin-off. We even thought it could be a more action-based game, but that ended up being revealed as BioWare’s failed new IP Anthem.
But internally, Dragon Age 4 has shifted at least twice, starting out as a more condensed but hugely-reactive game about Tevinter spies, and then was rebooted into its current iteration, Project Morrison. Morrison is a more open-ended grand RPG that gamers know and love, but it may also have live story-telling elements. This means gamers can connect to the internet to experience live-driven narratives and content. Based on EA’s penchant for monetization this kind of mechanic will likely have microtransactions.
But on the flip side, Dragon Age 4 could have online co-op play and globally-reactive worlds for a more immersive experience.
BioWare has yet to officially reveal Dragon Age 4, but it did drop a teaser at The Game Awards 2018. No release date has been announced.

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